Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Weather: Sunny with a high chance of getting sued by Benihana...

It looks like a sunny day ahead although weatherman are predicting a high chance of unstable weather. Details are below:

"A high pressure system is expected to reside over Kuwait although unusual conditions might accompany the sunny skies. Weathermen are expecting sunny skies and stable conditions as long as you stay away from Benihana. Weathermen are warning of extremely unstable conditions in the areas surrounding Benihana with a high chance of being sued."

Below is a quote from weatherman John Wickins:

"I have warned of unstable conditions in the surrounding areas of Benihana. The state weather department shall not be responsable for any misconveniences in the area. Our jobs as weathermen is to warn the society of uncomfortable conditions. We are also not liable for any food poisining associated with the instability in the area. We highly recommend staying by the beach with the sunny skies and better conditions"

So people, you heard the weather report :)

Stay away from the danger zone and you'll be fine :)

GOD BLESS MARK <3 WE ARE ALL WITH YOU !! Guys, visit his awesome blog and support him:

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