Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Weather: Sunny with a high chance of getting sued by Benihana...

It looks like a sunny day ahead although weatherman are predicting a high chance of unstable weather. Details are below:

"A high pressure system is expected to reside over Kuwait although unusual conditions might accompany the sunny skies. Weathermen are expecting sunny skies and stable conditions as long as you stay away from Benihana. Weathermen are warning of extremely unstable conditions in the areas surrounding Benihana with a high chance of being sued."

Below is a quote from weatherman John Wickins:

"I have warned of unstable conditions in the surrounding areas of Benihana. The state weather department shall not be responsable for any misconveniences in the area. Our jobs as weathermen is to warn the society of uncomfortable conditions. We are also not liable for any food poisining associated with the instability in the area. We highly recommend staying by the beach with the sunny skies and better conditions"

So people, you heard the weather report :)

Stay away from the danger zone and you'll be fine :)

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

KD 1,000; Are you gonna be "MakChicken" about it??

Woooow thats so "MakChicken" is probably the first thing that comes to mind about the KD 1,000 grant from His Highness the Emir. "Im gonna buy Gucci shoes, Prada handbags, im going to fly to the Maldives".

Now who's lucky and who is not? I would say the lucky guy is probably the father of TEN !! Thats over KD 10,000 !!

Well let me tell you what i'm going to do with mine; im freezing in the cold as i am living in London attending my studies; and so i'm thinking a nice sunny vacation in Barcelona, or should i try the Caribbean'? We all know the grant is not staying in your accounts for long ! "Easy come, Easy Go" :)

I have got a few emails from people i know suggesting to use the grant to start a small business; now thats an idea ! Why? Well because if you end up having a successful business you'll only earn money! Lets say it becomes KD 1,000 a month !! Thats like getting a grant every month! If you be as stupid as i am (no offence to myself) then you will only be able to enjoy a nice holiday but the money doesn't come back ! Not unless the Emir puts another billion or so of a budget for more grants !

So, shabab; start a small business !! KD 1,000 is more than enough to start a small business ! Then, the money can come back every month!! 

The Amir’s grant will be deposited in the bank accounts of every Kuwaiti citizen over 21 years of age on February 24, the higher committee supervising disbursing of the Amiri grant announced Tuesday. And whoever has legal custody will be the one receiving the grant on behalf of  children under the age of 21...

I know, I know !! For those who turn 21 on February 25, well sorry, but at least you're born on the National Day of your country!! "ya ya moneeey is more important"....

So guys !! Good luck in being MakChicken!!

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